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Haihongshi Washing Equipment Co., Ltd. is a R & D, production and independent sales of the factory, the main production of dry cleaning machine, washing machine, dryer, cloth machine, cloth feeder, ironing machine, folding machine, coin-operated self-service washing machine, shoe washing machine, shoe drying machine and laundry room after finishing equipment, the company has helped many well-known domestic brands processing washing machine and dryer, based in the industry for more than 20 years, It has 13 sales and after-sales centers in China and is a well-known brand. The company pays attention to research and development, with a group of engineers for more than 20 years, the products of our factory are all over the country, best-selling at home and abroad, exported to Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Thailand, the United States, Europe and other countries, by the user's consistent praise, the company was rated as << quality integrity consumer satisfaction unit >>,<< national consumer quality trustworthy products >>,<< national product quality after-sales service customer satisfaction enterprise >>, Also by the majority of consumers as << China's dry cleaning industry consumers favorite preferred brand >> and << China's dry cleaning industry the most loving well-known brand >>. The name of the company has "Jinzhi Lai high-quality dry cleaning chain" well-known brand, welcome to want to open laundry chain colleagues to join, factory direct sales, let customers benefit.

The company to undertake hotels, hotels, factories, hospitals, schools, troops and laundry professional linen room design, reasonable configuration of equipment, free debugging, free on-site training of technical personnel, to help colleagues solve a series of problems in the laundry room, to provide colleagues with the most professional laundry room solutions.

The factory sincerely recruit national dealers, welcome to the factory to negotiate, or call 13818748623 (wechat with the same number) consultation, to create a new realm of washing industry.