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  • [2019-11-7] mistake of washing

    Shanghai redlion washing equipment use error 1: wash too much If the washing capacity of each time exceeds the rated washing capacity of the hotel washing machine ,the laundry in the hotel industrial washing machine cannot b

  • [2019-9-20] Dehydration machine working principle ..

    Working principle of automatic dehydrator   The working process of the dehydrator consists of four processes: influent, laundry, drainage, and dehydration. In the semi-automatic dewatering machine, these four processes are

  • [2019-9-20] Type selection of large industrial was..

    The fully automatic large-scale industrial washing machine, also known as the fully automatic washing machine, is a series of models with multiple functions of washing, drifting and dehydrating. Its advantages are high degree of a

  • [2019-9-20] Industrial washing machine maintenance..

    Although industrial washing machine maintenance can improve performance and extend life, it will increase our labor intensity. Therefore, for some users, it is often asked how long it takes to maintain the effect, and it is not a

  • [2019-9-20] Capacity selection for large industria..

    Industrial washing machines vary in variety, automation, capacity, utility, and brand. The practical functions of different models and the processing abilities that can be reached, as well as the price of practice, are also differ