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mistake of washing

Release time:[2019-11-7]     Browse the number:2359
Shanghai redlion washing equipment use error 1: wash too much
If the washing capacity of each time exceeds the rated washing capacity of the hotel washing machine ,the laundry in the hotel industrial washing machine cannot be fully stirred, thus affecting the washing quality of the laundry. Not only that, excessive washing will also cause certain load on the motor of the hotel industrial washing machine, thus affecting the service life of the hotel industrial washing machine. The best laundry volume is only 2 / 3 of the rated laundry volume of the hotel industrial washing machine. wecaht+8613818748623 
Shanghai redlion washing equipment
Mistake 2: no classification before washing
Before using industrial washing machines in large hotels, the clothes to be washed should be classified. When classifying clothes, they are usually classified according to material, dirt type, color, etc. Clothing can be divided into white, light, dark and light colors according to color. Clothing materials can be divided into easy pilling and more plush. The types of dirt are mainly divided into water-soluble dirt (such as blood stains, urine stains, organic acid dirt, etc.).wechat+8613818748623