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Industrial washing machine maintenance performance and extended life

Release time:[2019-9-20]     Browse the number:6564
Although industrial washing machine maintenance can improve performance and extend life, it will increase our labor intensity. Therefore, for some users, it is often asked how long it takes to maintain the effect, and it is not a waste of time. . It is considered that the maintenance of the industrial washing machine is to ensure that the machine is in an optimal working condition, and if the machine is in an optimal working condition, it is necessary to ensure the normal operation of each component. For each component, it will only be abnormal after operation for a period of time due to reasons such as operation and work intensity. Therefore, if we look at it, the maintenance of industrial washing machines does not need to be done every day. We only need to perform targeted execution at regular intervals. For example, for oil seals, water seals, etc., we only need to check every other month to see if the lubricant is enough, whether there is oil or blockage, and timely clean up and adjust according to the situation. . For bearings, spindles, transmission parts, shock absorbers, dampers, etc., we only need to inspect it for 3-6 months to see if there is any loose or damaged problem. If so, then it is effective. The adjustment can be. Also check the damage of the door seal, if necessary, replace it. For users who want to improve the working environment of industrial washing machines by cleaning the inner cylinder, we only need to clean the inner tube cleaning agent with the inner tube cleaning agent before the summer, and remove the foreign matter impurities in the drain pipe, the inlet pipe and the intake pipe. Ensure the normality of intake, water and drainage. Therefore, if you look at it, the maintenance of industrial washing machines should be based on lubrication every three months, with parts inspection and replacement of consumable parts every six months, and internal cleaning every year. There is no need for us to maintain it once a day. However, in order to reduce the strength of the subsequent maintenance and ensure the normal production of the industrial washing machine, we should also wipe the machine after the daily work, ensure the dryness of the inner cylinder and the outer casing, and pay attention to the observation during use. Any abnormality should be stopped. Check that the fault is completely eliminated and then reproduce. Do not let the machine run with faults, causing a series of unnecessary problems.