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Type selection of large industrial washing machines

Release time:[2019-9-20]     Browse the number:2525
The fully automatic large-scale industrial washing machine, also known as the fully automatic washing machine, is a series of models with multiple functions of washing, drifting and dehydrating. Its advantages are high degree of automation and simple operation. It is generally applicable to all kinds of small and medium-sized hotels, hotels, hospitals, washing companies, laundry factories, factories, coal mines and other places to carry out various types of bed cloth, quilts, towels, work clothes or other types of fabric linen washing.
The isolated washing machine is a series of products with double-sided control function, front and rear double-opening door planning, which can be used to create cross-infection with the root-cleaning cloth, and can significantly improve the washing rate of the cloth. It is suitable for installation in clean rooms, isolation rooms, anti-static rooms and other places, for all kinds of heavy bacteria, heavy infectious cloth, and perhaps all kinds of anti-static clothing, clean clothes, clean clothes and other special clothing wash deal with.
The inclined unloading type washing machine is based on all functions of a fully automatic large-scale industrial washing machine, and has newly added a tilting discharge function, which can significantly improve the working speed, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and reduce the wear and tear of the cloth. This series of products will meet in large capacity models such as 100 and 120 kg. Therefore, it is generally applicable to various large-scale washing companies, laundry rooms and other places to carry out the scrubbing treatment of large linens.