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  • P Series pce dry cleaning machine
  • Performance characteristics:

    1, based on the introduction of foreign advanced technology, combined with the actual needs of domestic and foreign users of the latest research and development of a cost-effective environmentally friendly product;

    2, P series fully closed dry cleaning equipment development field of important achievements, its outstanding contribution is to effectively reduce the tetrachloroethylene dry cleaning machine in the washing process of tetrachloroethylene residue and emissions, control it in a safe range, so that the advantages of tetrachloroethylene dry cleaning machine to give full play to;

    3, health, environmental protection :P series dry cleaning machine adopts imported refrigeration recovery system, and is equipped with refrigerator cycle and water cooling two kinds of refrigeration recovery system to recover solvent, stainless steel seamless pipeline to ensure that the washing process is in a completely closed environment, the dynamic balance device in the body to reduce the resistance of the air duct, and no dead Angle, greatly improve the efficiency of recovery;

    4, suitable for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, clothing factories and individual washing and dyeing industry. It is used for washing cotton, wool, wool, chemical fiber, down and other high-grade clothing fabrics with low extraction efficiency and non-burning tetrachloroethylene as detergent, high cleanliness, thorough decontamination and no damage to clothing after washing, no fading, no shrinkage, no wrinkle and anti-moth;

    5, high cleaning degree: the model is equipped with environmentally friendly nylon filter, an activated carbon filter, multiple filtration both to maintain the cleanliness of the solvent, and do not need to add diatomaceous earth can remove the pigment in the solvent, thus effectively improving the washing degree of the fabric. At the same time, the frequency of distillation is reduced and the energy consumption is reduced.

    6, energy saving: double filtration, reduce the distillation frequency, low distillation energy consumption, recovery device can deeply recover tetrachloroethylene loss lower operating costs;

    7, accurate, convenient, safe: full computer operating system, preset 10 sets of programs at the same time can also be programmed, can accurately control washing, drying, lotion reduction, clothing softness and fiber recovery The entire dry cleaning process makes washing more targeted and effective standby manual control system for some special needs and flexible processing provides convenience, The humanized human-machine dialogue interface makes the washing process intuitive and easy to operate. The whole computer automatic monitoring system can indicate the operation fault of the washing machine in time, which makes the fault diagnosis more clear when the operation is safer and the maintenance procedure is simplified and the maintenance time is shortened. At the same time, the perfect safety interlock and overload protection device, effectively ensure the stability and safety of the machine operation.


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